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bad news but good news

2009-03-19 13:27:36 by twotailedcrusader

now i wuz going 2 do the sonic darkus chronicles ( read my 1st post if u dont no wut this is ) and i still am the problem is, the story line is taking 2 long 2 think up and i hav riters block ) =,, (
HOWEVER i hav cooked up a naruto spoof for newgrownds and its ALL DONE i just haf 2 get flash 2 animate it so b patient people and thank u in advans for doing just that

bad news but good news


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2009-03-19 18:50:50

0/10 try harder next time

(Updated ) twotailedcrusader responds:

what's THAT supposed 2 meen? its not like im GIVNG UP on my flash im just producing sumthing BEFOR it so that people wont be so impatient so THINK before u post a comment next time, OK!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!1


2009-03-23 14:38:40

Good luck, finding the time to make a decent flash is hard to do with busy schedules...I don't know what yours is, just don't rush work, it will come out bad.

twotailedcrusader responds:

thanx = )


2009-03-24 15:45:56

good pic a classic :) hey if you want to make a video im open! and anyway have you notcied alot of people hate sonic? lol hes going down faster than sora in kingdom hearts!

(Updated ) twotailedcrusader responds:

well just for the record, sonic is the best, and kingdom hearts ive never played but its probably bad rt? i hav no clue about flash tho... lol i luv yor pic of girl tails in yor post = 3


2009-04-28 18:34:11

you know,if you put make up cherictors,cross overs with Mario,Link,Kirby,and,Sonic,Tails,Knuk les recolors and or made up fan fics,are going to suck balls.Witch means they are not going to get a higher than 2.30,I've ssen this thousands of times.And dont jude me just because i hate Sonic,if you do,that makes you a fan boy.

twotailedcrusader responds:

... who says im doing recolors thats cheap no i hav my own design for a new char.