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2009-05-16 19:49:43 by twotailedcrusader

(O-O) k so while i was working on my darkus chronicles story, i had a great idea! i'll make a mario story instead! i've got the 1st three episodes down on paper and also, BONUS MOVIES HAVE BEEN THOUGHT UP SO U CAN SEARCH 4 THEM ON THE MENU!!! hint; eps. 3's is the best. title: sesame street and junkieland; together at last...
thats right! SESAME STREET ON POT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (O.O) however, i'm having a bad time trying to think up a title 4 my series. the series is about how mario dies so luigi and all the paper mario partners go to get revenge on Bowser, while peach goes to look for the mushroom of life. can't any1 think up a title 4 my work? plz? also all the chars. will be drawn in the style of manga so TOO BAD FOR THOSE ANTI-ANIME MOVEMENTS U MANGA HATERS OUT THERE >= 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some good shows that i've seen so far? look in my fae list! and don't forget to watch m is bad




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