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2009-07-02 10:32:58 by twotailedcrusader

I JUST GOT IN BRACES TODAY! they'r not so bad tho. anyways, i decided, why dont i have a vote! u can vote for either Sonic: the Darkus Chronicles or, you can vote for Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom. whichever you choose, i will include my naruto spoof in one of the episodes. and, i will transfer all bonus videos from MK. so, when you leave a comment, please state which series you would like to see on NG. thanx for all of your support! (= }



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2010-02-10 12:06:40

I have braces too, they suck but don't worry, you just got to keep them until the grow out, which would be.... 5 to 10 years maybe?