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2009-08-08 16:07:14 by twotailedcrusader

there have been many testimonies that ppl do not believe my story. perhaps a better pic would help; here it is:



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2009-08-08 16:14:12

It's a fucking doll for Christ's sake.

twotailedcrusader responds:

but its a fucking EVIL doll


2009-08-08 16:57:31

Touhou lolollolololololollolollool

twotailedcrusader responds:

this is serious


2009-08-08 16:58:04

BTW smiledog is the worst.

twotailedcrusader responds:

is smile dog an evil cleaver weilding killing machine?


2010-02-10 12:03:31

Um, Chdonga is right, it is just a doll. I know the whole story how a devil spirit lives in that doll but it's just a fairy tale, a myth, I mean, will you ever see a living evil doll come into your room at night a stab you to death? T_T;

twotailedcrusader responds:

yes. it almost hapened. i trapped it in my ds and now it is my slave!