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The Wizard of Oz... 4?

2010-03-02 19:37:40 by twotailedcrusader

Has everyone here seen The Wizard of Oz and the sequel? Probably not. You can probably watch them on Youtube in parts. Anyhoo, there is a fan made flash movie NOT CREATED BY ME! The Wizard of Oz 3: Dorothy Goes to Hell, and it's on Again, credit does not go to me. It's extremely funny. Anyway, I have the idea to make The Wizard of Oz 4: Dorothy Goes To Hell... Again! Villains include Michael Jackson (don't call me an M.J. hater, I started this project before he died), Bubbles from the PPG, Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, Cream the Rabbit's chao Cheese, Stewie from Family Guy, Papa Smurf, Charlie Brown, Jack Skellington (who I think I can draw very well. If my scanner works, I'll put a picture on the Art Portal) and ... are you ready? HITLER AND OSAMA BIN LADEN!!!!!!!!!!
The heroes are: Dorothy (of course), Fred Skelly, Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh), Amy Rose, Tails Doll and Blossom (PPG). Those are them SO FAR! I may have more ideas, such as Jack becoming a good guy.

The basic story: Satan and Lucifer... do it... and a new devil is born! Calcifer! Calcifer learns of his creator's recent defeat in Oz down the red brick road and decides to put an end to dorothy once and for all. He creates his army to destroy Dorothy and then settles back. To defeat Calcifer, Dorothy must rescue her friends from the Emerald City (before Osama bombs it, of course) , meeting road blocks along the way; but also friends, and finally travel down the red brick road to beat her REAL opponents down. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in your comments (if you leave any) and I'll get back to you ASAP! Also be aware that Toto is a cat in this production. Take Care!

- twotailedcrusader

Edit: My mom found out about Hitler and Osama, so Hitler is now Jason Vorrhes (I don't know how to spell it) and now Osama is Ben Franklin. LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit 2: She also found out about the devils so they are all going to be replaced by: Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Brian (from Family guy). Rihanna will finally get her long awaited revenge agianst that bitch who slapped her. Go Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wizard of Oz... 4?


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